Bee Products


Pure raw honey

Our famous honey brands are ASANTE HONEY and MAUA HONEY.Asante Honey and Maua Honey are products of stinging bees and stingless bees respectively. Our honey is pure, natural and organic honey produced from the natural forests of the Uluguru Mountains in Morogoro as well as other natural forests in Tanzania.

Our honey is of very high quality meeting both domestic and international standards. No any adulteration is done to our honey. Our honey meets the following technical specification: Moisture range for our honey is 16% to 20% and sucrose level is as made by bees.

Natural Bees wax

Our bees wax are very clean, well processed from fresh bee combs and can be sold into different shapes and weights as per client needs.


Bee venom

Harvested at nights using very high bee-friendly technology from aggressive African bees, our bee venom comes very clean, natural, well packed and stored.

Royal Jelly

Professionally harvested from our bee farms using high technology. Our royal jelly is fresh, natural, well packed and stored.


Bee Pollen

Harvested fresh as collected by bees from plants during bee visits then solar dried to desired moisture then packed and stored. Highly nutritive.


Collected using propolis collectors designed specifically for African bees.


Food Products


Nutritosha Lishe Flour

Is composite flour made from fine selected biofortified whole grains that are fermented and germinated to increase bioavailability and absorption of nutrients. It is a mix of Brown rice, Millet, Orange freshen sweet potato, High Iron beans (Jesca variety), Soya beans and Cocoa. It is suitable for making porridge and stiff porridge for the children aged 6 month and above.

Raw Irish Potatoes

Our raw Irish potatoes are sourced from contracted farmers’ business groups in Njombe and Mbeya working with the company in our special project called Viazi ni Pesa. We train farmers on how to produce best potato varieties and purchase all what is produced and market them domestically and internationally


Fresh / dried vegetables and fruits

Our vegetables and fruits are both fresh as from the farm and also solar dried with high nutritional values. We invest into capacity building of farmers and providing them with ready market for their produces vegetables and fruits. Our value addition process for both vegetables and fruits is so hygienically and uses appropriate technology and the whole process is so organic.

Cereals and Legumes

• All sorts of agricultural produce such as cereals and legumes We source and market high quality agricultural products such as cereals and legumes and trade them


Spices of all kinds

We source and market all kinds of spices produced within Tanzania.

Nutritosha Veg – Beans Flour

Is composite flour made from selected vegetables (onions and Irish potato) and High iron beans (Jesca variety). It is suitable for making bunnies, pancakes and stiff porridges for children aged above 6 months and special diet adults.