Acla Honey Enterprises Limited is the registered company in Tanzania that specialises in agribusiness. The history of this company dates back in the year 2012 when our first beekeeping farm was established along the Mountains of Uluguru.

In the year 2013, this company was registered by BRELA and attained its legal structures. This company has now been into operations for more than four years. We have established three bee farms now, with other farms for horticultural crops production. This company has a profound experience in agricultural production and trading. A plus to this, its team is made of experts in agriculture from recognized universities in Tanzania with lots of practical experience as agricultural practitioners and beekeepers. Despite this fact, the main reason for why it thrives is its core values which are; trading high quality products, trustworthy, reliable business relationships with our suppliers and clients and proper marketing. Our business specifically is in:

  • production, collection and trading of bee products such as pure raw honey, bees wax, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee venom;
  • Production, collection and trading of fresh horticultural products which includes all types of fresh and dried vegetables and fruits.
  • Collection and trading of all sorts of agricultural products such as cereals and legumes. Trading of agricultural inputs:
    • This section of trading agricultural inputs is focused in purchasing chemicals, fertilizers and equipment from giant agricultural companies and selling in retail. Our base for these operations is in Korogwe, Tanga.