About Us

Acla Honey Enterprises Limited is an agribusiness company based in Tanzania focusing in providing healthy and affordable food for the whole family without compromising regional and international quality and standards. We provide solution to key nutritional problems to the communities we are serving by promoting natural bee products, diversified natural agricultural and biofortified crops.

We contribute in attaining sustainable development goals #1, #2, #13 by using varieties that solve issues of climate change, and global warming; recycling waste and tapping rain water in our value addition processes as well as increasing the income of small holder farmers in rural areas and small scale traders in urban by improving rural-urban food linkage.

We are committed in developing sustainable consortium by encouraging soil and forest sustainability practices through partnering with local farmers, beekeepers and supporting small scale traders.

The company is registered by the Tanzania Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) as a limited company by shares, its incorporation number is 98634 in the year 2013. The history of this company dates back in the year 2012 when our first beekeeping farm was established along the Mountains of Uluguru.

Our business specifically is in:

Production, collection and trading of bee products such as pure raw honey, bees wax, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom;

Production, collection and trading of fresh horticultural products which includes all types of fresh and dried vegetables and fruits

Collection and trading of all sorts of agricultural products such as cereals and legumes.

Trading of agricultural inputs.


To become the fastest growing agribusiness firm in East Africa by 2025.


To provide natural and organic bee products as well as healthy and affordable food to the regional and international communities we are serving